Visit Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi in October 2014 | Book now!


Print the flyer here: India Voluntourism Trip

An opportunity to see the unique sights and sounds of India, enjoy the hustle and bustle of this eclectic country, and gain hands-on experience with Daya Trust’s partner charity in Mumbai. Are you in?

Nowadays, people are looking for something more in a holiday. The excitement of visiting somewhere new and absorbing everything around you, not necessarily knowing what’s around the next corner but eager to find out.


Voluntour India with Daya Trust gives you this chance and more. Besides the best tourist attractions, you will visit six charities run by local people including connecting with the Girls Learning Centre in Mumbai which Daya Trust supports.

Rochelle Stewart-Allen, Daya Trust Founder, says “We are very excited to be partnering with the New Zealand tour company, Magical India, to provide a unique and inspiring trip outside the traditional tourism trail.  The group will travel with me and get to witness first-hand the incredible work being achieved by local NGOs, while enjoying some of the best Indian tourist sites.”

“At the same time, each person will already be making a difference as a percentage of the cost they pay for the trip will go towards supporting our Girls Learning Centre in Mumbai.”


The tour will run 6-17 October 2014. You will start your tour with four days in Mumbai, then fly to Jaipur and explore the Pink city as well as visit a local NGO. The next stop is Agra where you will visit Missionaries of Charity, the organisation founded by Mother Teresa. Your final stop on this 12 day tour is Delhi where you will visit 2 NGOs, one of them supported by Magical India.

Meet us in Mumbai to begin and feel free to add days on before and after the tour. Magical India can help you with any additional trips you would like to make.

With Daya Trust’s Volutour India experience the magic and the real people whom make that magic happen.

More details and the itinerary can be found at: Voluntour with Daya Trust