I Am A Girl 2“I want to be something… extraordinary.”
– Breani, The Projects, NYC, 2012

I AM A GIRL is an inspirational feature-length documentary that paints a clear picture of the reality of what it means to be a girl in the 21st century. As a day on earth transpires from dawn to dusk and into the night, we meet Manu, Kimsey, Aziza, Habiba, Breani and Katie – each on the brink of womanhood and dealing with the realities of what it means to grow up female in their world today. As they come-of-age in the way their cultures dictate, we see remarkable, heart-warming stories of resilience, bravery and humour.

I AM A GIRL has great potential in the secondary classroom and brings to life key concepts across a range of curriculum areas including Health & Physical Education, Society & Culture, Family and Community, Sociology and English, among many others.

The Education Toolkit for ‘I Am A Girl’

The I AM A GIRL education toolkit contains carefully crafted study guides for different subject areas in the high school curriculum.

Particularly relevant for the New Zealand curriculum are the FREE Study Guides for:

  • Health Education: a key part of the New Zealand curriculum focuses on attitudes, values and socio-ecological perspectives which are topics covered in I AM A GIRL. Download the Health & Physical Education Study Guide here
  • Senior Social Studies: as a subject that explores the ‘big ideas’ in sociology – culture, change, perception, rights, values etc, I AM A GIRL is particularly relevant to the Senior Social Studies curriculum. The movie looks at the constructed nature of gender and has been well received from Social Studies teachers, particularly those with a keen sense of social justice. Download the Society & Culture Study Guide here

HABIBA 2We watch 17-year old Habiba from Cameroon go through a tide
of emotions during the four-day celebration of her marriage

What’s in the Education Toolkit?

For just AUD55.00, the I AM A GIRL Education Toolkit consists of:

  • Curriculum specific study guides
  • DVD feature film
  • 6 X 10 Min – 12 min long individual vignettes (perfect for classroom use)

These vignettes are available as a companion DVD upon purchase of an educational license for the 88 min version of the film.

Click here to watch a sample 10 minute vignette of Aziza’s story from Afghanistan:

How to purchase your Education Toolkit

You can go to titanview.com to buy the toolkit, or contact education@iamagirl.com.au for more information.

Want to check out I Am A Girl first?

Daya Trust and Youth for UN Women NZ are partnering up to bring I AM A GIRL to Wellington, New Zealand to celebrate International Day of the Girl in October 2014. Please note numbers are strictly limited. You can purchase tickets online by clicking the button below:

FUNDRAISING SCREENING – 25 October 2014, 7pm, Film School, 86 Vivian Street

Eventbrite - 'I Am A Girl' (Fundraising Screening)