TAKE ACTION and empower girls and women to be all they can be

5 things you can do in the next 10 minutes to make a difference

NGOs around the world working with women and girls need resources and expertise to achieve the biggest impact. You can donate your time to an NGO using your talents – social media, website content, article writing, spreading the word, administration, strategic planning …. the list goes on.

So many NGOs around the world rely heavily on volunteers to do the work. In our globalised world, it’s so easy to work online with an NGO based on the opposite side of the world. You simply need email and an internet connection.Find organisations to support

Donate money or become a microlender for organisations that support women and girls. This one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a difference.

Be sure to check what percent of your money goes directly to be spent in the country you choose. If you can’t find it on an organisation’s website, just pop them an email and ask.Find organisations to support

Becoming informed on how the world’s women and girls live – their challenges and their successes – is guaranteed to inspire, motivate and drive you to make a difference. Read blogs, news sites, and newsletters, watch YouTube videos, follow Facebook pages … there is a hive of information out there to learn what’s happening on the ground.Find organisations to support
Your voice is the most powerful tool you have! Become an advocate for girls and women and lobby policy makers, world leaders, and major corporations to join the cause of empowering girls and women around the world. Make it know that we want action against poverty and injustice and that females deserve equal access – it’s a human right.Find organisations to support
Your purchasing has the power to make a difference. There are many organisations around the world which sell products and turn the money back into supporting women and girls. Buy for yourself or others, but become a conscious consumer and make sure your money is going where it really matters.Find organisations to support