At Daya Trust, we’ll be sharing with you success stories of our girls based at the Girls Learning Centre in the Mumbai Mulund-slum area.

Last week we told you about the Girls Savings Group and how our girls have been saving 1-2 rupees every few days. This has had a profound effect on the girls as they’ve had savings to put towards their school books and uniforms. It’s ultimately been one of the keys to keep them in school

This week we wanted to share the story of one of the girls at the Centre, Snehal, and the power of one-on-one teaching. When a girl is struggling on her own with her studies she may not be confident enough to ask for help. This is where a good teacher steps in.

Snehal has been attending the Girls Learning Centre as she does not have much support or guidance at home. This is common for girls living in the slums, where parents are often out working, may be illiterate, and place little value on educating their girls.

After starting to teach her, the Girls Learning Centre teacher, Aarti Naik, realised that Snehal could not write. This meant that Snehal tried to avoid her study each day or participating in class. She also didn’t know the basic English alphabet.

Aarti worked hard with Snehal one-on-one to help teach her the alphabet and vocabulary using interactive flash cards. Snehal started to learn the basics and gained in confidence as she began to understand.

Recently during class, Snehal proudly showed her annual progress report card to Aarti and the other girls. Snehal went from being scared to learn English to enjoying the process.  She is now doing very well at school!

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