Aarti Naik & Sakhi for Girls Education

It’s fantastic to see Daya Trust’s charity partner in India, Aarti Naik, receive recognition this year for all her hard work.

Aarti has been running her charity, SAKHI for Girls Education, in Mumbai since 2008.  The Girls Learning Centre, based in the Mulund-slum area of Mumbai, provides an after-school learning centre for 20 girls.

Aarti is a true inspiration – a woman who grew up in a poor family but through sheer determination and hard work, successfully gained an education. You can read more about Aarti’s story here.

Recognition for Aarti Naik

Aarti Naik

We are excited that this year Aarti was internationally recognised for her amazing work running SAKHI for Girls Education:

Aarti Naik (L) receives her Vocational Excellence Award from the Rotary Club of Bombay Seacoast.

After winning the Rotary Club award, Aarti said “It was a really inspiring moment in my life. I never thought a girl who once dropped out of school would be honored with such a prestigious award. As a slum-based girl changemaker, the award builds my confidence to continue my work for slum girls’ education.”

“I am very thankful to Daya Trust for providing me with continuous support to build the basic educational capacities of slum girls, so they are able to continue their school confidently with quality learning at the centre.”

“As a result of the strong support of Daya Trust, I am able to run my first Girls Learning Centre, which slum girls attend every day – this centre is a safe place to teach girls quality lessons in a slum area of Mumbai.”

“Today I feel proud to say that “I am a sakhi for girls’ education!”. In Hindi, a ‘sakhi’ is a female friend of girls who supports and inspires other girls for a good cause. I have a dream that a sakhi will reach every slum community to create a quality learning space for slum girls in Mumbai. I hope my dream will become reality with the continuous support of Daya Trust. “

At Daya Trust we’re so proud of Aarti and all her achievements.  She not only inspires her own students, but our Daya team and all who we share Aarti’s story with.

Donate to support Aarti’s work in Mumbai here