Your support for Daya Trust invaluably assists girls living in the Mumbai slum area of Mulund, to stay in school. This can be harder than you might think.

The majority of girls drop out of school around adolescence for a variety of complex reasons. Daya Trust is working hard to empower the girls to access the skills and assistance they need, and keep them in school. Our goal is to see our girls finish their high school years.

Our Girls Learning Centre teaches 25 marginalised girls aged between 6-13 years old. They attend the centre after their regular school day and receive extra tuition, assistance with homework, and confidence building skills.   The centre is delivered in partnership between SAKHI for Girls Education and Daya Trust.

As a result of the hard work and dedication by the Girls Learning Centre teacher, Aarti Naik, and supporters from around the world, we are hearing some very positive stories coming out of Mumbai.

Girls Savings Group

Since 2011, Aarti has been running the project ‘Bal-Bachat Gut’ (Girls Saving Group) at SAKHI. Aarti keeps a box for each girl at the centre, and the girls put 1 or 2 rupees inside every few days.

This practice teaches the girls about finance and reinforces the importance of saving money. It also means they can buy any additional  books or stationary they might need during the school year. Or the money can contribute towards the cost of a uniform.

How it works

Aarti was inspired to start this  savings initiative for the girls, as she had struggled to pay for her own exams when at school. She didn’t want her girls at the Learning Centre to have to face the same situation.

The savings scheme has managed to keep girls in school by assisting with schooling and uniform costs. It has also built the confidence of both the students and their mothers. They now have built in reserves to meet education costs.

Success with savings

Recently a mother was able to come to Aarti and ask for a percentage of savings her daughter had made to buy school books. Without those funds, her daughter would have had to drop out of school.

This intiative has also inspired the girls’ parents to save money to educate their children. Sakshi’s mother, a single parent and domestic worker, has started increasing the money she saves for her daughter’s education. This is a huge success for Sakshi, as Aarti had initially struggled to convince Sakshi’s mother of the importance of educating her daughter.

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